Max TV: go inside Max 8’s wonders with these videos

Max 8 – and by extension the latest Max for Live – offers some serious powers to build your own sonic and visual stuff. So let’s tune in some videos to learn more. The major revolution in Max 8 – and a reason to look again at Max even if you’ve lapsed for some years […]

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Arturia Pigments: The EM Masterclass

With so many wavetable synths flooding the market in the wake of Xfer Serum, it’s easy to mistake Pigments for yet another clone of that insanely popular softsynth. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Pigments is very much its own synthesizer, cribbing elements from iconic analog …

Everything you know about pedal order is wrong

Clickbait headline aside, there have been certain “rules” about the order in which effect pedals are chained. Still, as we shall see, they beg to be broken. Often, the first question newbies to the world of stompboxes ask is, “What is the best order for a pedal signal chain?” — or, words to that, …

Combining Pedals, Amps, Laptop and Apps

Like the majority of guitarists, I have spent many years improving the sound of my instrument through an amplifier. I eventually refined this knowledge of analog guitar tone to the point where I was writing books about it. Then, about a decade ago, I discovered the fantastic things one can do with …