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January 17, 2020 0

Overloud Releases Three New Rig Libraries for TH-U at NAMM 2020

By admin

Anaheim, CA – January 16, 2020 – Overloud is proud to announce the release of three new rig libraries from…

Sample Logic Cyber Monday Sale: Save 85% on Impakt for Kontakt
December 2, 2019 Off

Sample Logic Cyber Monday Sale: Save 85% on Impakt for Kontakt

By Ronnie

Sample Logic has launched its Cyber Monday Sale, offering a 85% discount on the Impakt library featuring a suite of over 850 breathtaking morphed concert percussion instruments and multis. This diverse collection of instruments ranges from dramatically…

November 20, 2019 Off

Korg Minilogue Mod Inspired By Vintage Commodore SX-64

By synthhead

Love Hultén shared this video demo for his Carrier 37, a customized version of the Korg Minilogue synthesizer.

The Carrier 37 reimagines the Korg Minilogue as a vintage all-in-one design, inspired by the Commodore SX-64 (1984).

The built-in speaker was used for this recording.

Hultén sells his custom synth and electronics designs via his site.

October 29, 2019 0

Shift 3

By admin

Following the success of SHIFT & SHIFT 2 packs, we are back with the third and final volume of the series “SHIFT 3” bringing over 1.40 GB of content with cutting-edge loops, samples and kits fusing elements of future Electronica and Foley Sounds.