Making Vocals Pop with Double Stacked Compressors

Making Vocals Pop with Double Stacked Compressors

November 4, 2019 0 By Various Artists

This trick can be used on more than vocals. (Try it on synths!)

You don’t have to use different compressors, the same compressor will work fine. the trick is to set them up differently as they’re both doing a different job…

Set the first compressor with a fast attack & fast release to just catch the loudest peaks of the vocal.
Then set the second compressor with a medium attack & slow release to smooth out the vocal.

People like to use different compressors because some compressors are better at each job (1176 has very fast attack & release and LA2A great for smoothing vocals). But you can get great results just using the stock compressor that comes with you DAW using the above approach!