Arturia bundles up 15 effects plug-ins in its FX Collection

Arturia brings together reverbs, delays, preamps, filters and compressors in its FX Collection, which takes the same form as the successful V Collection. 15 plug-ins are included, many of which are emulations of classic analogue studio gear.

The company says that “each plug-in is feature-packed, and has unique tonal properties that will make them your go-to choice in the studio”. The effects are designed with circuit-accurate modelling, using True Analog Emulation (TAE) and Physical Modeling technology (Phi).

Each plug-in also has advanced functions, including look-ahead tracking, envelope followers, sidechain abilities and pre/post EQ. A library of presets offer settings based on the engineers and studios that used the original hardware effects. In-app tutorials help get you up to speed, with step-by-step guides to teach you the plug-ins as you use them.


Three reverbs are included in the collection:

  • Rev PLATE-140, a reverb based on EMT’s titanic plate reverb, ideal for vocal performances.
  • Rev SPRiNG-636, featuring a “vibrant spring and crunchy germanium preamp”, Arturia says.
  • Rev INTENSITYis an algorithmic reverb with endless modulation possibilities.


Three delay units offer classic sounds and a modern twist:

  • Delay TAPE-201 is a tape saturated analogue echo, offering organic time-based effects
  • Delay MEMORY BRIGADE is based on a classic BBD (bucket-brigade device), providing a lo-fi tone.
  • Delay ETERNITY is an Arturia original delay that provides


Three preamps offer the input-stage sound of some of the world’s best consoles and studio outboard gear.

  • Pre 1973 offers the vintage sound of the British Neve 1073, an iconic preamp.
  • Pre TridA is based on one of the rarest and exclusive preamps from Trident Studio’s A Range console.
  • Pre V76 models the classic Telefunken tube, a sound that defined 60s pop music.


Three compressors are bundled in to offer dynamic control and vintage tones.

  • Comp VCA-65 is Arturia’s reimagination of DBX’s classic 1658, ideal for rhythm section compression.
  • Comp FET-76 is based on the most iconic studio compressor of all time, the UREI 1176, famed for its fast attack and versatility
  • Comp TUBE-STA is a recreation of the tube-powered Gates STA-Level broadcast compressor, a secret weapon for bass and vocals.


Finally, three synth filters let you shape your sound with vast tonal control.

  • Filter MINI is a plug-in recreation of the classic Moog low-pass ladder filter, modernised for today’s producer.
  • Filter M12 is based on the legendary Oberheim Matrix-12 filter, reworked for extra creativity in your DAW.
  • Filter SEM brings Tom Oberheim’s classic filter to the digital realm as a cutting edge plug-in.

Arturia’s FX Collection is available now for an introductory price of $/€299, moving to $/€399 after 4 March 2020. Find out more at

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