Blocks Base Is A Free Modular Synthesizer Rig For Reaktor Player

Native Instruments has introduced Blocks Base, a free collection modular synthesis building blocks for the (also freeware) Reaktor Player virtual instrument. The new Blocks Base expansion pack for Reaktor Player is now included for free with Komplete …


It’s All Danley for Pell City Center

PELL CITY, ALABAMA: The Pell City Center for Education and the Performing Arts (CEPA) is the cultural heart and soul of Pell City, Alabama, a mixed economy town and Birmingham suburb of over 13,000 residents. A little over a decade old, CEPA’s lovely 400-seat theater is used daily by the adjacent …

Free Downgrade turns Ableton Live into lo-fi wobbly vaporwave tape

Fidelity? High-quality sound? No – degradation! And if you don’t have a ragged VHS deck or cassette Walkman handy, these free effects racks in Ableton Live will sort you out. Downgrade is the work of Tom Cosm, long-time Ableton guru. There are five effects: Fluffer Corrupt Hiss Morph Flutter — plus if you give him […]

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Software Round-up: Super-Compressors

u-he Presswerk $129 u-he’s compression brainchild can be taken many ways. To start, it’s simple: Threshold, Ratio, and Attack that goes down to 0.1ms, Release and Adaptive Release, Dry/Wet, Auto Makeup, and a lovely saturation section to boot. But let’s head back into esoterica again. You can …