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Sound Design Basics: FM Synthesis

By Cymatics

It’s no secret that FM synthesizers, like FM8, can be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the concept of FM synthesis. That’s because FM synthesis is a bit deeper than sound …

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The Making Of “How Sean Price Stole Christmas”

By JLBarrow

(Originally published on WatchLOUD.com on December 12, 2015) Germans have cornered the market on Christmas villains. From the mythical Krampus to Hans Gruber from Die Hard the supernatural and super vicious keep finding ways to kick Old St. Nick in his…

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Success Stories: How Ben Phipps reached over 18 million Spotify plays

By Joey Tuholski

For this interview, we start out and hit the ground running with the specifics and advice on how to market your music. Then we got more into the personal details behind Ben’s beginning. The Marketing behind Ben’s biggest track, “I Don’t Think So”, with over 18 million Spotify plays at the time I write this: Ben reached out to hundreds … Read More