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January 22, 2020 Off

Behringer teases ARP 2600 clone

By Jon Regen

Following Korg’s announcement of their re-release of the famed ARP 2600 synth (dubbed the ARP 2600 FS), Behringer has confirmed it will indeed be launching a 2600 clone of its own. Unlike Korg’s version, Behringer’s clone will be rack-mounted with colored, dimmable LEDs. It will also …

January 3, 2020 Off

Behringer clones Octave CAT Synth

By Jon Regen

Behringer has announced its latest synth clone; a reproduction of the classic Octave CAT used by artists like Devo and OMD. Behringer’s version is keyboard-less (unlike the original), and employs a dual-VCO design with sawtooth, triangle, modulated pulse and sub octave square shapes on one …

November 20, 2019 Off

Behringer announces Wasp synth clone

By Jon Regen

Behringer has announced yet another synth clone – this time they have set their sights on the deluxe version of the EDP Wasp, the famed monophonic synth used by artists like Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics. Behringer’s Wasp has two digital oscillators, each with …

November 18, 2019 Off

Behringer announces Wing digital mixing console

By Jon Regen

Behringer has announced Wing, a digital mixing console rumored to have been been 30 years in the making. Wing offers eight Midas Pro mic preamps and eight Midas pro outputs, 24 motorized 100mm faders divided into three separate and configurable sections, ‘plug and play’ remote I/O connectivity …