Overloud Releases Three New Rig Libraries for TH-U at NAMM 2020

Overloud Releases Three New Rig Libraries for TH-U at NAMM 2020

January 17, 2020 0 By admin

Anaheim, CA – January 16, 2020 – Overloud is proud to announce the release of three new rig libraries from Marco Fanton, Choptones, and Live Ready Sound for use in their revered guitar amp and FX suite TH-U.

Renowned DSP engineering team Overloud is pleased to announce brand new rig libraries from acclaimed sound design and amp profiling experts Choptones and Live Ready Sound, along with a special artist pack from Marco Fanton. These three new rig libraries will debut at the ILIO booth (Hall A, booth #11910) during NAMM and will have accompanying live demos from professional guitarists. For a full demo schedule including times, please see our official NAMM page here: https://www.ilio.com/blog/cat/all/post/ilio-at-namm-2020

The new MF T&B 008 is the TH-U expansion library created by Marco Fanton that recreates the sound of an authentic T&B 008* Head built by the Italian boutique manufacturer T&B Amplification. The 008 is a single channel head that delivers a British style Hot Rod. The design is based on a British 800 circuit, modded to add a massive amount of gain with four KT88 tubes and four 12AX7 tubes.

The new Choptones Bogna XTC recreates the sound of a Bogner Ecstasy 101B*. Born in the late 80s but brought to the market in 1992, the Bogner Ecstasy* was the answer to all guitar players who needed a large palette of guitar tones without using multi-amp settings or multi-channel preamps. Reinhold Bogner discovered that the combo preamp/power amp couldn’t deliver the correct dynamics and responses of a single circuit unit, so he created this multi-faceted amp. His mission? To give users the amazing tone of vintage amps.

The new LRS Unchained TH-U expansion library from Live Ready Sound captures the sound of an authentic Metropoulos DVL-1* head run through various cabinets, mics and speakers. This is a two channel, four mode amp that is a modern take on Plexis from the years 1965, 1966, 1968, and a hotrodded 1968.

In addition to the new rig libraries, ILIO will offer a special pack of TH-U tones as a free download to anyone who stops by their booth. Created by seasoned guitarist Ruben Reza and ILIO’s own team of sound designers, this tone pack is modeled after tones from a variety of well-known artists in the rock, metal, country, and jazz genres.

You can find ILIO’s booth in Hall A, booth #11910. See map: https://namm20.mapyourshow.com/8_0/floorplan/index.cfm?hallID=A&selectedBooth=booth~11910