Tutorial audio examples: February 2020

All the latest tutorial clips to accompany Electronic Musician vol. 36 no. 2

Hear our audio examples to accompany the latest issue of Electronic Musician.

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Classic Consoles

Channel strips across the mix

Tracking with UAD unison technology

Vocal sweetening the SSL way

Working with sidechain controls

Using a dedicated Vocal Channel Strip to mix a raw vocal

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Comparing the character of console mix busses

The Art Of Synth Soloing

Exploring Timbral Changes With Wavetable Synths

Ex. 1 – Using Apple’s Retro soft synth in Table mode (wavetable), I sweep through some wavetables using the Mod Wheel, along with some subtle vibrato. In order, the tables are: Weird Pulses, Resonant LPF, FM Sweep and Metamorphosis.

Ex. 2 – Sweeping Retro wavetables using Pitch Bend, this time sweeping both oscillators in differing amounts and directions. In order, the tables are: Mod Saw, Morphing Harmonics, Sync Rocket, and Pulsating Sweep.

Ex. 3 – Using Xfer Records Serum soft synth, I sweep through various wavetables using the Mod Wheel. Note that some are set up to be sweeping smaller ranges, and so they impart a subtle, “living” analog quality to what are digital waveforms.

Ex. 4 – Using UVI’s Falcon synth I created some dual Program sounds using various lead sounds blended with a wavetable element to add some subtle movement during my Mod Wheel gestures. The first example has no sweep, all the others do.

Easy Guide: The Clef