Zaor Studio Furniture Debuts “Vision” line at Winter NAMM

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Anaheim, CA — NAMM — January 24, 2019 — At the 2019 Winter NAMM show, Zoar Studio Furniture debuted its new “VISION” line of ergonomic and practical custom furniture featuring 2 models expandable with multiple options. The “VISION O” is a 63-inch wide desk, by 32.5-inch deep, in an iconic black and white design that offers enough open space for all devices needed in today’s creative workflow, while the “VISION W” features a second level incorporating 9-spaces for 19-inch rack units and shelf space above for computer screens and/or speakers. The new VISION O and VISION W desks retail at $999.00 USD and $1,199.00 USD respectively, and will be available for order soon through its US and Canada distributor Focal Naim America (formerly known as Audio Plus Services).

Zaor Vision "W" Desk

“The new VISION designs were created in collaboration with designer Julia Kovacs and are fresh and daring but also very pragmatic—as well as ergonomic,” said Klaus Gehlhaar, CEO at ZAOR. “We feel the new black and white desk designs and expansion options will be very appealing to musicians, engineers, producers, video editors, and others looking for a comfortable and stylish workspace solution.”

Zaor Vision "O" Desk

Both new desk models are designed to accommodate speakers and headphones, multiple screens (with optional screen arms available), computer Qwerty keyboards and mice, and keyboard controllers. The iconic look is centered around a large V-shaped technical trough underneath the back of the desktop giving open access from the sides both visually and physically. The modern scissor leg design allows the desk to be compact when shipped, yet very sturdy when set up due to the stabilizing bar at the bottom of the back legs. At a height of 30.25 inches, the desks will fit most users comfortably.

The added shelf section and the three 19-inch rack space bays (with 9 available rack spaces) give the VISION W model a back height of 35.75 inches, offing vital rack gear right in front of the user within easy reach, and a higher visual plane for computer screens and near-field monitors— ideally supported by the optional Isoplane isolators.

In addition to the new desks, two options have been created for the VISION line, one is a controller keyboard trolley shelf, the VISION K ($299 USD), which slides underneath the desktop and matches the style of the desks. Since it is almost impossible to predict the exact combination of body height, keyboard height and other gear, ZAOR made the key trolley height adjustable in 4 levels, so it always has the ideal compromise between legroom and best fit for any kind of master keyboard up to 88-keys. With a width of 57.75 inches and a depth of 15.75 inches, the keyboard shelf will fit most keyboards on the market. The VISION K adjustable shelf offers legroom from 22.75 to 24.75 inches that result in a height for the keyboard of between 4 inches and 6 inches. If the user has a longer period of time where they don’t need the controller keyboard, it can put it to the side of the desk using the attached 4 wheels for even more legroom. Vision K can also be used away from the desk as a standalone setup for a large master keyboard.

The second option for the new VISION line of studio furniture is the VISION R ($449 USD) side rack unit. The rack matches the style and profile of both new VISION desks and comes with 15 available 19-inch rack unit spaces. A flexible desktop area on the rack unit slides back and forward, allowing the user to position a laptop or tablet in easy reach without impeding full access to the rack-mounted equipment. With its matching height of 35.75 inches, the VISION R rack is also great for near-field monitors. The rack also features the V-shaped opening allowing users to run cables from a VISION W or VISION O desk to the rack and back. The VISION R unit can also be used as a standalone workspace and 19-inch equipment rack.

The new VISION O retails at $999.00 USD and VISION W desks retails at and $1,199.00 USD. The VISION K keyboard shelf retails at $299.00 USD and VISION R rack unit options retail at $449.00 USD respectively.

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Firmly established in the recording sector of the audio industry, ZAOR is one of the leading studio furniture manufacturers due to its innovation, customer service, and flexibility. Unique designs such as iDesk, ingenious solutions like the Griprack, and innovation in materials and processes have allowed this truly European manufacturer to conquer the studios of the world. The company aims to bring a new style of ergonomic workflow into the traditional recording environment guided by a fresh design language and a deep knowledge of the studio world. Their goal is to empower the creative people behind the music to be their best, through enhanced speaker stands, racks, desks, or useful helpers to keep your cables and instruments tidy and organized. Already present in top studios around the world, not least because of their collaboration with hugely popular partners such as Slate, IsoAcoustics, Humanscale, SPL and SSL, ZAOR is never content with existing products but always looking for better ways to satisfy its customers. For more information, visit:

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